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Finalizing MRP of the book

How you can finalize the MRP

If you have plan to put your book in any physical/actual store, please keep in mind, most of them generally ask for at least 50% discounts on top of MRP. To run the show, they sometimes need to offer a huge discount to the customers.
In case of selling through online giants like Amazon.in & others, you must calculate for around 10% to 25% share for them. 
While selling through ONLY us, you may sell even at the printing cost but that leads to 0 royalty to you. 
Having a 15% - 20% extra within the MRP helps you to start with 15% - 20% discounts or even the book can be advertised with free shipping if budget permits.
After getting the manuscript and payment, we generally discuss in details regarding the MRP to match the author's expectation.
Author's Copy : Cost per Book

Calculate the Cost per Book for the Author's copy

MRP = Cost per book + Author's Royalty + Sellers Share [may cover profit, discount, free shipping etc.]