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24by7 Publishing provides easy support system providing a variety of pay as you choose special professional services.  This includes but not limited to manuscript typing & formatting, copy editing, proof-reading, market analysis, book cover designing, illustrations, printing, distribution among huge number of national & international book distribution networks, copyright registration, book promotion & marketing, press release, organizing book launching events, video book trailer and other promotional ventures.

Get published in 14 days. 100% profit share from book sales. 39,000+ locations. 150+ countries.


24by7 Publishing is an Indian Creative Startup which believes in making some meaningful changes to the good old Earth.
Our "fingers" help to craft our creations with a bit of love, passion and near to heart designing. And yes, we enjoy blushing when Authors praise us because of our Creativity.


Select Publishing Package & Upload your Manuscript. Confirm the Payment.


Approve final Manuscript, Book Cover Design and Final MRP. 100% Assistance provided.


Publish your book. Relase the news. Confirm the distribution.


Sell through us, Flipkart, Amazon and other portals. Time to Earn Royalty.

Publisher of widest range of packages covering different budget & needs.

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Get the book print-ready by 14 days of the final approval by the author and verification of the payment.

Fastest in the industry.

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The packages are

quite amazing

& affordable. 
 - Diya Isha

Self Publishing is like being the CEO of your Book, where publishing is the entrepreneurial project and your book is the business product.

Self Publishing is a publishing process where the Author decides to publish the book by keeping full controls and rights. Self-publishing empowers the Author enabling him to take all the important decisions like the MRP, % of Royalty, Distribution Goals, Target Reader-base, Promotional Platforms, and budgets etc.

We will assist you by providing all kind of professional assistance while you will be Captaining your ship.

You can publish your book right now. In the case of other traditional Indian publishers, they will enforce you to wait in the queue for months or in some cases years. But, we have made self publishing in India simple and easy.
Just choose the publishing package which meets your budget and need, optionally choose some special services, upload your manuscript & photograph and proceed with the payment. Be it book cover designing, editing, formatting or promotion - we will take care everything including free shipping of your book at your door-step at surprisingly low cost and as per international standard.

Largest global distribution network for books published with 24by7 Publishing

Using the most advanced technologies, we print books at the lowest production cost, helping the authors to set competitive MRP for the books.

Invincible Price

100% Profit sharing

Free 13 digit International Standard Book Number & barcode. The Authors deserve more than just printing.

To motivate new authors, we offer the cheapest self publishing in India via service package - "Plain water" where the investment is lesser than the average amount spent by a couple at a multiplex in months!

Unpublished writing stinks!

Self publish in India is the easiest option for the new-age authors to print books via online publishing. On-demand printing is the latest way to get your book printed in the very low budget by having just a virtual inventory. 24by7 Publishing provides online self publishing guide to get published easily, making it fastest growing among the book publishers in India.

If you have a manuscript, we are ready to print and launch your book! Publishing a book within budget was never so easy. Welcome to 24by7Publishing.com - the most professional & affordable book publishing platform - the ultimate answer to all of your questions related to how to publish a book in India. 

Being the Trendsetter

Self-publishing is becoming more popular day by day. 24by7Publishing.com is India's one of the best self publishing company providing the opportunity to publish your own creative work directly from your Laptop, Tablet or even SmartPhone by clicking only a few buttons.

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What is Self Publishing? Why should I self-publish?

EMI options for 3 to 24 months of payment options and 12% to 15% interest rate pa.

Minimum investment upfront.

39,000+ Locations,

150+ countries,

eBook and print book.

Do not compromise.

Free ISBN & Barcode

Paper quality, book layout, printing, binding, illustration, editing & cover designing - international standard.

Impress your FRIENDS & love interest with your own book!

Publish your book and Fall in Love with the


Self Publishing Company.

Guided Self Publishing Process in Simple & Easy Steps.

Our pens do make words paint.

Our skills are here for you to rent.

- 24by7 Publishing

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Being an Author is tough. Being a published Author is tougher. Being a successful Author is the toughest. It needs a strong and experienced support system. At 24by7 Publishing, we respect the Authors whether she is a first-timer or already a star writer. We receive frequent appreciation phone calls and reviews from the authors and here we are sharing a few which influenced us somehow at some point in time to evolve to what we are today. One thing we can assure you is that we love our authors more than anything else. And, we are very proud of our Authors.

EMI Pay Option

Artistic Freedom

Get the best royalty with highest profit share while your book is sold from the most affordable place for self publishing in India.

Self Publish your Book!

Publish your book at the cost of a single branded sunglass!

How to publish A book?

What is the easiest way of publishing?

Your quest for top Indian book publishers ends here.
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...provides great

opportunity to new & talented writers...

- Dr. S Mukhopadhyay

It is excellent.

- Neha Sayeed

Publish in 14 Days

International Standard

Cost is No more an excuse!

Our Fingers help pens to penetrate,

Our platform helps authors to celebrate.

- 24by7 Publishing

24by7 Publishing provides the widest range of book publishing packages covering different budget and needs.

It is a ray of hope for

people who has no time

to go to door to door to 

publishers to get their

stuff published.

​- N. K. Singh

Your book,

your copyright,

your freedom.

Self publish to win.

Authors Love us. Yes. They do.

Be the CEO of your Book

24by7 Publishing - self publishing in India

You just need a computer with Internet connection and a manuscript or at-least a story-line.

And, you are eligible to self-publish!

We can take care of anything and everything else!

Unbeatable price - lowest self publishing cost per book in India by 24by7 Publishing, ensuring lowest MRP
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Apropos the book cover of 'Shattered Dreams', I really liked the cover and so did my audience.
Thanks for such a beautiful cover.
 - Azra Mufti

Multiple Packages

We are India's first Authors-owned book publishing company where you will always find some sort of personal touch in each book we publish.

We understand that authors who opt for self-publishing are perfectionists and always strive for the best and can go to any extent to fulfill their dream. 24by7 Publishing promises the authors to provide hand-holding guidance in each step with a very friendly and close to heart experience. And, you probably have already seen, how charming our "fingers" are. :)

Know more about us before publishing your book.

Keeping Full Control

The author keeps full control covering all the aspects of book publishing. No one will enforce some unwanted removal of your most favorite poem. No one will force you to change the name of your favorite character in your fiction. You can set the book price as you wish and decide on the royalty. In short, it is like being the producer and director of the feature film and enjoying all sort of liberties.

Largest Global Distribution

Empowerment of the Author

In the process of Self publishing, the author chooses to publish his creative work without the involvement of a so-called dominant third-party publisher. This eliminates the uncertainty, possibility of rejection & unwanted editing of the original work and reduces waiting period from months to few days.

Free ISBN and barcode to maintain International standard of self publishing with 24by7 Publishing

Its a good
platform for young

authors like me.

- Ravi Kumar

EMI options for 3 to 24 months of payment options and 12% to 15% interest rate pa.
Minimum investment upfront. 24by7publishing.com
Author keeps copyright. Freedom and full creative liberty for the author while publishing with 24by7 Publishing
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In comparison to other

self-publishing options,

it is most economical.

​- Sandeep Dahiya

Fastest Publish time period in India by 24by7 Publishing
Self Publishing in India Reviews

Very comprehensive and helpful services provided by the 24by7 publishing team. It's a great platform for young authors to venture out with their works. I m really thankful to them.

- Shubham Srivastava

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Steps to publish your Book


 Thinking Out of the Box

Unlike traditional publishing, self publishing process allows the author to take control of the inventory where he may even decide to go by print-on-demand(POD) methodology where books are printed only after confirmation of an order.

24by7 Publishing was covered and featured in several national and international media.
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100 % profit sharing. Get the highest royalty when publishing with 24by7publishing.com

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