Ghostwriting is a service where experts like us will write a book on behalf of you while maintaining full confidentiality so that the writer can use his name as the sole writer in the book.


A Ghostwriter is a writer, who writes on behalf of someone else. Often busy people, celebrities, doctors, bloggers and others hire ghostwriters to write contents on their behalf.


Absolutely yes! The world is looking for new ideas. As a writer, if you have a new idea or plot, you can hire some professionals who can save your time and effort to implement the idea in a concrete form.

 No one cares about Mr. XYZ who had spent months and years in the detailed implementation of iPhone.

We only credit the person who had the idea behind - Steve Jobs.


Yes. Ghostwriting is completely legal. A team of writers can certainly assist you in writing your dream book. When the ghostwriter remains anonymous, it is the writers' responsibility to take either success or failure of the content sportingly.


No! The definition of ghostwriting clears out the confusion. Ghost will never be visible to the world.

The ghostwriting services we offer are 100% confidential. The author will keep the basic rights or ownership of the book or content.


Yes! We will be happy to incorporate any content provided by the author. If the content maintains certain standards that we maintain are similar projects, it can even save some of the author's investment.


To hire professional ghostwriters, the following are the points generally authors consider:

  1. Creating Original Content within stringent Deadline.
  2. Taking a break from desk efforts.
  3. Uplifting the overall Quality by letting the Experts hold the pen.
  4. Exploring the same perspective with a Fresh Pair of Eyes.
  5. Saving money by putting their time and effort somewhere else.
  6. Earning money by selling the copyright elsewhere.

 Ghostwriting service for Nonfiction

Article | Essay | Self-Help | Biography | Autobiography | Academic | Business | Motivational | Medical etc.

Minimum order: 20 pages

English: Starting from INR 599.00 (India) or $16.00 (outside India), may go up to INR 3,499.00 (India) or $64.00 (outside India).

Bengali (বাংলা): Starting from INR 299.00 (India) or $10.00 (outside India), may go up to INR 3,499.00 (India) or $64.00 (outside India). 

Hindi (हिन्दी): Starting from INR 699.00 (India) or $18.00 (outside India), may go up to INR 3,499.00 (India) or $64.00 (outside India). 

Tamil (தமிழ்): Starting from INR 699.00 (India) or $18.00 (outside India), may go up to INR 3,499.00 (India) or $64.00 (outside India). 

Please note: The starting low rate in the above range for non-fictional ghostwriting service indicates that the author provides end to end plot-line and all relevant information, image, data etc. 
The rate will be higher depending on the amount of research or analysis to be done by the ghostwriter.

If you let us know the sample of information/instruction/data along with the subject-line with briefing the objective summary, we will first try with our in-house experts and if needed, we will pull someone from our large pull of SMEs (Subject-Matter Experts).

If needed, we will contact specialists out of our network will quote you a relevant rate which may vary depending on the uniqueness of the subject.​​

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Ghostwriting service for Fiction

Novel | Novella | Short stories

Minimum order: 20 pages

EnglishINR 699.00 (India) or $18.00 (outside India)

Bengali (বাংলা) : INR 449.00 (India) or $14.00 (outside India)

Hindi (हिन्दी) : INR 799.00 (India) or $20.00 (outside India)

Tamil (தமிழ்) : INR 799.00 (India) or $20.00 (outside India)

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Get your book written by us based on your plot

We can write on behalf of you in English, Hindi, Bengali or Tamil

Your busy scheduling may impact the timeline to publish your next book.

You can save time and hire professional writers like us who will write the whole book on behalf of you.

Not only new authors, Celebrities, Executives, Doctors, Politicians, small businessmen but many famous authors are nowadays delegating the writing job to us.

Choose among different ghostwriting service options we provide based on budget, language, and genre.

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Ghostwriter in other languages

Hindi: नेपथ्य लेखक 

Bengali: নেপথ্য লেখক

French: Nègre littéraire

Hungarian : égermunka (lit. 'negro job') or svarc (lit. 'black job').

Persian: سایه‌نویس

Russian: Литературный негр

Polish: Pisarz-widmo

Spanish: Negro

Tamil: கோஸ்ட்ரைட்டர்

Telugu: దెయ్యం రచయిత

Malayalam: പ്രേത എഴുത്തുകാരൻ

Urdu: گھوسٹ مصنف

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Confidentiality Guaranteed!
We provide 100% confidentiality to all of our clients who avail the ghostwriting service. We never reuse or remix ANY custom content or writing and we never disclose our customers' private information unless we are authorized legally.

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