Give life to your good-night stories. We help to design and print high-quality board books for children & toddlers. Our full-color 700 gsm board books can be fully customized based on your story plot and vision. Our top-notch creative designers will illustrate and design end to end based on the storyline you provide.

Cost required to publish kids' board-books

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Children's book publishing

How to publish a Board Book for the kids?

Self publishing board books for children

24by7 Publishing provides various book publishing package options to get the children story book published. Our board-book self-publishing packages not only give the option of getting designed and printed but full coverage of promotion, listing along with a platform to monitor the monthly sales of your book via the sales dashboard. Our book publishing specialists will hand-hold and guide you through all the steps starting from uploading the manuscript to logging in to the Author's Academy portal. Call us for a free consultation right now!

Be the CEO of your Book

If you are looking for the world's only premium board-book self-publishing company, you are in the right place. 24by7 Publishing offers cheapest board book publishing options to print & publish premium quality board-books.

We can cover books of any sizes between 4"x4" to 8"x8". If you are looking for a custom shape of your book, yes, we can create that too for you!

The price you need to get a colorful, lovely to hold board book for kids, ready is really a way cheaper than the traditional book publishing method available in the market. We run our proprietary market-smart algorithm to maintain short and adaptive physical stocks ensuring unlimited availability of the books we publish.

Children’s books are a class apart from the run-of-the-mill romance fictions and paranormal stories that crowd the book market today. The greed for profit prevents many publishing houses from providing a platform to children’s authors.

Publishing a proper children’s book takes a lot of time. You have to be very careful while deciding about the audience and the age range. You must hire a professional illustrator for the book. A children’s book must always have some colorful artworks and illustrations and this is mandatory for all! You will also require professional editorial and cover designing services for creating a beautiful children’s book. A children’s book must have a sturdy international quality so that children can handle it without the fear of spoiling the book. Another most important task that you need to keep in mind is that you have to market your book properly. You can’t market the book to the children! So you must know how to market it to the potential buyers.

This is where self-publishing comes into play. Not only do you have the surest platform to publish that piece of magic, but you also get to do it the way you want to. Self-publishing will allow you to keep complete control over the artistic and technical processes that help to create your book. The only thing you need to do is pick your house wisely. The author needs products of international quality at the lowest rates possible. Enter 24by7 Publishing.

24by7 Publishing provides authors with the most enhanced publishing services along with production facilities that are of international standard. We can turn the pages of your manuscript into the most precious memory of childhood; and we have the knowledge, expertise, and finesse to do that. You don’t have to run around searching for illustrators, designers, and editors. We will provide you everything that will help you to publish your book. Let us guide you to your goal.

​From providing you with the best quality of paper and print to making your book visible to the children all over the world, we can do it all! And that’s not the end, there are many more! Your book will be made available for sale on all the leading electronic portals. We will be present to guide the author at every step of the production process to ensure that the book takes the form of his/her dreams. You never know, but your book may be the one to join the league of the best children’s books ever written in history! 24by7 Publishing will walk with you to try and make it happen.