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Professional Book Cover Designing Service
e-Quickie Book Cover Designing Package

Are you really serious about your book?

Do you have a futuristic vision for your manuscript?

Do you want some considerable uniqueness and special treatment for your book cover decoration so that the buyers and readers can simply pick your book from the pile of other books?

If you are looking for the best designers from our creative think tank to spend days on your book cover, just go for the Ultimate book cover designer package. It will give you guaranteed satisfaction by providing professionally designed book covers and extremely soothing and friendly customer experience. 

Out team will simply start with at least two concepts to ensure your approval before proceeding with the detailed work.

You can even suggest your custom requirement for our art director to instruct our creative team to take it to the next level.

And, if you are saving money for the promotion for your book, which is also very important, you can choose the Premium package for the designer book covers, which is also found as quite magical by most of our clients and authors. 

Price per title cover design*

₹ 999.99

or $ 24.99 (outside India)

Basic Book Cover Designing Service

Why Ultimate?

Wondering why to choose the Ultimate Book Cover Designing package, where there are other low-cost options?

It is all about quality, creative satisfaction and gaining the attention of your target audience.

Our creative team always ensure to offer you the most creative and relevant design. But, who said that there can only be one way to express creatively? Get more than one propositions for your book cover. Choose the one that you think is the damn best.

Get your book covers designed by the professionals.
Ultimate Book Cover Designing Service

Book Cover Designing Packages

The procedure of book cover designing had changed a lot during the era of the rise of the online eCommerce platforms selling books. The subject, minimalist representation of the theme, color combination, title readability in thumbnail view and many other factors are controlling the potential book buyer's mind.

The Ultimate Book Cover Designing Package

Cheap Book Cover Designing Services

There are hundreds of freelancers over various websites who range from novice to moderately skilled as a designer. You can try your luck finding the genius whom the God might have paired for you for appearing in your search result someday, sometime, somehow.

Jokes apart, finding the correct freelancer for any of your repetitive jobs is a lot easier than finding a creative talent to get professionally designed beautiful book cover.

Sharing some first-hand experience - even we struggled a lot while we were booting up our publishing company, back in early 2013.

Even we got embarrassed by a few freelancers who promised to deliver the moon but provided some junk jpeg files not even worthy to stay in our recycle bin. After trying with a dozen of them, we have got a very talented freelancer. But you know what? In one of our very ambitious project, the guy suddenly closed his profile and the freelancing website refunded the money back just two days before the client delivery.

And, lessons learned. We now have hired the best of the best full-timers, to serve you with the best & creative book cover arts.

How much should I pay

for my book cover design?

Ultimate Book Cover Designing Service

Celebrate Creativity

With the Ultimate Book Designing Package, we will offer you at least 2 design theme concepts and you will choose the final design.

The world is full of possibilities. Why try only one when 24by7 Publishing can offer you a minimum of two designs?

Leverage the power of A/B testing. Do not compromise with the cover designing for your brain-child. Celebrate Creativity!


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Price per title cover design*

₹ 2,999.99

or $ 74.99 (outside India)

Eye-catching professionally designed book covers

by 24by7 Publishing

If you publish your book with 24by7 Publishing,

you can have one free book cover design

as part of the book publishing package!

Creative book cover designs

crafted by 24by7 Publishing

Click the thumbnails and enlarge to enjoy the beauty and give pleasure to your eyes!

Order your book cover design online, via 24by7 Publishing!

For today's Special Offer!

Price per title cover design*

₹ 5,999.99

or $ 149.99 (outside India)

Book cover design templates for

e-Quickie Book Cover Design Package

Best Budget Book Cover Design Solution based on free book cover designing templates created by 24by7 Publishing.

Affordable! Fast! Cool!

If you already are not a best seller writer (most of us are not), the book cover is the only way to appeal a completely unknown reader to let click the thumbnail of the book and spend some time on deciding whether to buy that book or not.

A mediocre designer can turn your most creative design idea into a disaster,

whereas a team of creative minds may turn your simple idea into a masterpiece.

- 24by7 Publishing

 What is the takeaway?

The takeaway is plain and simple.

Thumb rule is to go ahead with the Ultimate or Premium package unless you are very clear about why you do not want to go with those packages.

Unless you yourself are a book cover designing maestro or have ample time to go for a series of learning session to understand the core technical principles and concepts about designing, and open for multiple rounds of trial and error methodology, better to go ahead with our tested, trusted and proven book cover designing services.

Apropos the book cover of 'Shattered Dreams', I really liked the cover and so did my audience.
Thanks for such a beautiful cover.

- Azra Mufti

Maybe Nothing! Maybe it is FREE!

Yes, you have read it right. You can do your own book cover designing for free on your own. You just need some basic photoshopping skills and a little bit of knowledge about the size of the book, spine, image resolution, typefaces, fonts, typography, color schemes like CMYK, RGB etc., aspects of readability, designing sense, time, a MacBook or Lappy, stable internet connection and nice amount of time in your hand.

Now, will the final design be as per the regular book cover designing standard? Will the end product come as an astonishing eye-soothing piece of art? Or is it going to be just a disaster?

Maybe you are the right person who can answer this. And, make a note my friend, the last statement is only valid when you are the typical witty guys who have the 'common sense' which is quite uncommon these days.

We all know, there are fun elements in our society who deeply believe in their talent and thinks that they have very strong grip in some area of art, maybe it is singing or drawing or even poetry writing. But, his own friends and family laugh behind their back. Bottom line - unless you are more than 90% certain about your cultural quotient, sense of art and technical capability, better to leave the designing job to the specialists.

If you have that creative zeal in you along with the necessary expertise and knowledge, do not hesitate to do it on your own if your daily schedule permits you to concentrate on designing from your possible core area of strength - creative writing, I guess.

The cover image looks terrific.

I liked the fact that it combines the colours of the national flag.

A huge thanks to the

creative team for designing

this beautiful cover.

- Dr. Deepak G Pawar

Creative book cover designs by 24by7 Publishing

Price per title cover design*

₹ 12,999.99

or $ 279.99 (outside India)

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Premium Book Cover Designing Service

Book Cover Designing at nominal cost

If you are really tight at your budget, you can use our template-based book cover designing service e-Quickie, which is very cost-effective. but the problem is, you may not be the most unique one in the market as there might be other using the same template. 

We also provide the Basic package to have some designs which are better than template based designs, and quite cheap. These are best for research works or books targetting very less amount of reader groups where you are not at all looking for anything special.

And if you are looking for a moderate amount of audience and looking for little more professional book cover designing along with the book name in the spine, and to be crafted by one of our best creative minds, go ahead for the Professional book cover designing package.

Be it a thriller, romantic love-story, crime-drama, collection sarcastic articles or shayaris (शायरी) aka poems or some serious research work on some scientific topic, we choose the right team of creative minds to nurture and build-up a theme suitable to your book name, genre, and summary. Our artists and creative designing teams have years of experience in the world of designing and some are from hard-core advertisement and promotion background. So rest assured, your book will be in the safe hands.

Price per title cover design*

₹ 1,499.99

or $ 34.99 (outside India)

Inspiring Cover Illustration and Designing Process by 24by7 Publishing

Some professionally designed creative books covers

by 24by7 Publishing

Click the thumbnails and enlarge to enjoy the beauty and have pleasure for your eyes!

Wow, you have created such an amazing cover!  Wonderful, great, beautiful job!

- Ozair Siddiqui

The potential book consumer jumps to judge another book just by looking at the cover design.

2 blinks of eyes

1 random disturbance

5 Seconds

While publishing with us, the author may also upload the cover for the book

By uploading an image, the AUTHOR confirms he has the Copyright for all the images/designs/photographs used in that book cover.

Minimum size: A5(5.8" x 8.3")  |  Minimum resolution: 300dpi

There should be no text present in the image.

Save Yourself From Cyber Theft book cover images. Never copy a random free image from the Internet to save yourself from future court-case.

If the package you have chosen does not allow us to design the end to end cover for your book, you will have the following "Book cover design online" packages:

Please proceed if you agree with our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Best in Budget!

• Design based on repository of limited scope templates

• eBook cover OR print-book cover

• Design based on repository of millions of stock photos

• Both eBook AND print-book cover

• Extensive market research

• Author provides

color theme
• Free text & design review

(1 round within 1 week of design delivery)

• Free ISBN barcode generation
• Spine (print-books > 90 pages)



• Design based on repository of millions of stock photos

• eBook cover OR print-book cover

• Extensive market research

• Author provides
color theme
• Free text


(1 round within 1 week of design delivery)

Best in Budget!

• Design based on Unique
illustration / photograph
• Both eBook AND print-book cover
• Extensive market research
• Author provides
color theme
• Free text & design review
(2 rounds within 2 weeks of design delivery)
• Free ISBN barcode generation
• Spine (print-books > 90 pages)
• Author can provide the concept

• Custom Design based on Unique
illustration / photograph
• Both eBook AND print-book cover
• Extensive market research
• Author provides
color theme
• Free text & design review
(4 rounds within 4 weeks of design delivery)
• Free ISBN barcode generation
• Spine (print-books > 90 pages)
• At-least 2 initial designs/concepts​

• 3D product image

* Contact us to get an additional discount on multiple title cover-designing rate, bought in a bundle.

* GST will be applicable on top of the final pricing shown above.

** After the first round of service, if the author is unsatisfied regarding the first delivery of book cover design, he/she can create a list of the suggestions we missed and e-mail us for the second round or cover design without any extra payment. This is applicable only for the Ultimate cover-designing service.

Online ​Book Cover Design Service

Select the perfect Book Cover Design to match the theme of your Dream Book. Lowest Cost for the top-most quality book cover designing.

​Creativity is not everyone's cup of tea. ;)