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Tips to self publish in India

How to Publish

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How to publish a Book in India

How to self-publish a book in India?

  1. Manuscript: ​Prepare, proofread, edit and upload your manuscript in digital format.
  2. Book cover: ​Design & beautify the book cover. Well chosen title and appealing visuals are the key points.
  3. Print & Publish: ​Print 1 to thousands of copies and publish the book. Take care price, royalty, ISBN, copyright etc.
  4. Promote & Distribute: ​Distribute the book in different channels. Launch the book & promote it in different media.
Tricks to publish a book in India
How to self publish a book in India

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How to publish a book in India
How to publish a Book

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How to self publish your book

2. Publishing via a Traditional book publisher through Agents

The stress of contacting multiple traditional publishers and maintaining the list for periodic follow-ups and identifying proper channels to expedite your submission in certain cases can be done via publishing agents.
But right now there are only a few agents who are successful but charges less for working with new authors.
This can be a very good choice if the author has good market value and can identify a genuine and successful agent.
Evaluating publishing agent is an art where the authors need to get educated to find out the best one among the bunch. It may also involve a good investment too.

Step by step process to publish book in India

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How to Publish a Book in India?

Publishing a book can be possible in four available ways
Whereas each of them has some PROs and CONs. 
It totally depends on the author to take the call by analyzing all the aspects of publishing. 
There are different factors like the author's target reader group including detailed analytics like age-group, interest level etc., brand-value of the author, investment budget, the royalty (profit sharing) amount the author is looking for, the skill-set the author has etc.

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4. Self-Publishing using professional assistance from self publishing companies

You can get professional assistance from self-publishing company like 24by7 Publishing to get your book edited, beautified and designed for your target reader book and then publish, while keeping the full control in your hand regarding all the aspects not only related to pre-production but also the distribution channels, overall investments, promotions, launching etc.
There are a variety of options while choosing the book publishing package online based on the author's need and budget.

3. Self-Publishing Directly

The author can self-publish the book. No agent or other third party assistance will be needed in that case. But the author must be having end-to-end skill-set to cover all the aspects of pre-production and post-production activities.
Although if the author has the genius to have aesthetic, technical, marketing skills and knowledge along with the core writing skills, he can invest his time and money while doing everything himself/herself.
This is like learning the skills to design and build a car just to move from Calcutta to Cochin.

It is rare but we have seen 
Raise of Amish as self publishing author who decided to self publish and win the market. But in the process, he himself got transformed from author to an institution. 

If you have time and money to reinvent the wheel, this can be a very good start. And if you can connect the dots with perfect timing, you may experience success like Amish.

1. Publishing via Traditional publishers

There are many traditional book publishers in India who follow a different set of guidelines although some core instructions are common.
In most of the cases, you may need to submit the manuscript and then wait for them to reach out in the case of selection. They may not contact you in the case of rejection.
Even if your manuscript has potentials, you may experience rejections in multiple cases which may let you wait for around 4 to 12 months in many cases.

Some of the popular authors who faced multiple rejection by traditional publishers are are Agatha Christie (more than $2 billion book sales), J. K. Rowling (Harry Potter), C. S. Lewis (The Da Vinci Code), Paulo Coelho (The Alchemist), Vladimir Nabokov (Lolita), Audrey Niffenegger (The Time Traveler's Wife), Yann Martel (Life of Pi) and there are many more.

Many new authors lose hope because of the uncertainty and time involved with publishing via traditional publishers. It may take years after they either get published or quit writing or find out the route for 
self publishing.

Publishing through traditional publishers directly can be a good option if you already have been proven yourself as a writer.

Self publish is the easiest option for the new-age authors to print books via online publishing. On-demand printing is the latest way to get your book printed in the very low budget by having just a virtual inventory. 24by7 Publishing provides online self publishing guide to get published easily making it fastest growing among the book publishers in India.

If you have a manuscript, we are ready to print your book! Publishing a book within budget was never so easy. Welcome to - the most professional & affordable book publishing platform - the ultimate answer to all of your questions related to how to publish a book in India.