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Some of the drawings used in this page are Designed by Freepik and used as just samples. We will provide completely different drawings and illustration by different designer or illustrator whereas we will try our best to satisfy the client's taste.
Price may increase in case of highly detailed or complex requirements.
Please send us the sample before proceeding with the payment to ensure better service.
These are the starting prices. The actual price may be higher. Please share one sample illustration to get the quotation.
Illustration for poetry, stories, character drawing, comic book illustration - name it, we do it.

If the package you have chosen does not allow us to illustrate inside images for your book, you will have the following options:

1. Get Color illustrations by 24by7 Publishing

24by7 Publishing reserves the copyright of the illustrations.

A. One regular drawing by in-house artists

INR 1800.00 (India) or USD 55.00 (Outside India).

B. One premium detailed drawing by professional artists

INR 4500.00 (India) or USD 135.00 (Outside India).

2. Get Black-n-White illustrations by 24by7 Publishing

24by7 Publishing reserves the copyright of the illustrations.

A. Two regular line drawings by in-house artists

INR 1200.00 (India) or USD 35.00 (Outside India).

B. Two premium detailed line drawings by professional artists

INR 2000.00 (India) or USD 60.00 (Outside India).

Select the appropriate illustrations to match the theme of your Dream Book

Illustration Services

3.  Add the illustrations for the book within the manuscript

By adding an image to the manuscript, the AUTHOR confirms he has the Copyright for that.

Maximum printable size: A5(5.8" x 8.3")

Minimum resolution: 300dpi

There should be no text present in the image.

Proper margins should be followed.

Save Yourself From Cyber Theft images. Never copy any random free image from the Internet to save yourself from future court-case.
Make sure about how the image may come while printing. Without proper margin, the image may come wrongly or partially. In case of low resolution, the image may come blurry. In case the author is inserting illustrations within the manuscript, it is the author's sole responsibility to take care all the formatting related to illustrations. Inexperienced insertion of images in the manuscript may lead to unwanted formatting errors in the published version of the book.
Also note: In case of the black-n-white package, the author MUST add black and white image only and that should be line-drawing lowering the risk of wastage of ink and paper. Image with a lot of dark shades may automatically be replaced with a white image by our system.