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Pro Editorial Service

Best Language Editing Services

We provide the very best language editing service for various International languages like English, Bengali, Hindi, Tamil etc. You can even try out for a free demo and get full satisfaction before placing a bulk order.

Per page*
₹ 369.00

₹ 249.99

or $ 10.99 (Out of India)

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Per page*
₹ 269.00

₹ 189.99

or $ 4.99 (Out of India)

Premium Editorial Service

English, Hindi, Bengali & Tamil Editing

‡ The character drawings used in this page are Designed by Freepik.
Please send us the sample before proceeding with the payment. Price may increase in case of poor quality or complex input.
These are the starting prices. The actual price may be higher. Please share one sample source page to get the quotation.

Tamil Editing, Proofreading and Writing Services

Tamil (தமிழ்) is one of the most popular languages in India and Sri Lanka. More than 70 million people use Tamil as their native language. Tamil is a Dravidian language. Tamil is referred to as one of the longest surviving classical languages in the world. As per Wikipedia, a recorded Tamil literature has been documented for over 2000 years. The two earliest manuscripts from India, acknowledged by the UNESCO Memory of the World register in 1997 and 2005, were written in Tamil.

We offer professional Tamil editing services for the writers, poets and authors. We have a very good team of Tamil Editors working with us for a very long time, who helps to correct Tamil spellings and enhances Tamil Grammars while editing manuscripts for Tamil stories, novels, articles and poems. They provide extremely sophisticated Tamil Editorial service by not only correcting the Tamil Grammar but also beautifying and enhancing the overall readability and crispness of the content they are working on. When you will choose one of our Tamil editing and proofreading service, 24by7 Publishing will ensure of providing you the best-upgraded content that you deserve. You deserve the best Tamil Editors to edit and proofread your writings and manuscript.

Per page*
₹ 99.00

₹ 49.99

or $ 1.99 (Out of India)

English Editing Services and Proofreading & Writing Services

English editing services are one of our major strengths. 24by7 Publishing provides a high-quality book and manuscript editing and proofreading service. Our experienced pool of English editors provides professional editing service to authors and entrepreneurs from US, UK, India, Australia, Germany, and many other countries. Our English editors are highly skilled and use international standard practices to ensure high-quality content outputs.

Cheap Manuscript Editing Service

If you are looking for the cheapest manuscript editing service which is done by industry specialists, authors and experienced editors, we can help you. We provide low-cost manuscript editing facilities to our clients.

Substantive / Developmental / Comprehensive editing

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Research Paper Editing Service

We help may students and Professors by helping them to edit and proofread their research papers. We have a large bench of academically successful authors who help hundreds and thousands of clients by providing timely service for research paper editing.

Manuscript before Editing

Basic Proofreading

Copy-editing, proofreading, partial rewriting and content upgrade.

Book Editing Service

24by7 Publishing offers book editing service provided by well-experienced editors and authors who happily delivered more than thousands of national and international editing service projects.

Single round of editorial service covering:

• Spelling and typo correction
• Punctuation corrections

Editing Services in India

We provide affordable Editing Services in India for new and already published authors and poets. Our editorial services come in various packages covering different needs and budgets for the clients.

Advanced Editorial Service

Contents we proof-read & edit

  • Novels & Novellas
  • Short stories
  • Poems
  • Articles
  • Emails
  • Letters
  • Personal correspondence
  • ​Manuscripts
  • And almost any type of contents.

Editing Services for Short Stories & Poems

Editing for short stories and poems are very essential. Editors who have literary sense can bring magic to your writing. Little tweak and rewriting may help some writers to hit the bulls-eye by catching the readers pulse with crisp language changes to the short stories and poems when needed.

Regular Editorial Service

Per page*
₹ 169.00

₹ 139.99

or $ 3.99 (Out of India)

Delivery & Timeline

After your payment will be verified and confirmed, we deliver the output file for your review by 14 business days for each 100 page of content. In a case you are looking for a faster delivery, we charge an additional 10% of the actual service cost for each day of acceleration.
For example, if the proofreading and/or editing service is calculated and quoted as INR 1,000.00 for a 14-day delivery timeline, 4-day delivery will charge 14-4 = 10; 10*10% = 100%; 100% of additional payment, so it will cost you INR 2000.00 in a case of 4-day premium delivery.
The same service may cost you INR 1,400.00 in a case of 10-day premium delivery, INR 2,200.00 for 2-day premium delivery.
We generally do not commit to premium deliveries targeted below-2-day timeline.

Manuscript after Editing

Make sure your readers are served with the best content

Writing takes a lot of effort. And we appreciate you for spending a lot of efforts to have something to get published or delivered. But, scrutinizing the content with an experienced pair of eyes is a must before you deliver it to your end-readers. Even the world's best Chef needs a team of Tasters to see if the taste is still as per the standard or not.

A study says a few simple unwanted typos can put some negative impression in the mind of your reader.

So, try out our book editors to stand out with the best content in the industry.

File Types we work on

  • .txt
  • .rtf
  • .doc
  • .docx
  • And almost any file-type.
  • If you have scanned images of your hand-written manuscript, no worries. We offer low-cost premium typing service to digitally convert your scanned images.

Editing Services Rates in India

If you are looking for the costs related to Editing Services, you can see our rate chart which starts from as low as ₹ 49.99. See our editing services rates present in various editing service packages offered by us.




Best for

Successful authors.

Bengali Editing, Proofreading and Writing Services

Bengali or Bangla (বাংলা) is world's 8th most popular language, practiced majorly in West Bengal, Tripura and Assam in India and Bangladesh. There are few other countries who had given Bengali as the status of national language.

24by7 Publishing has several in-house authors and editors who are very proficient in Bengali editing of literary manuscripts. In the case of Bangla proofreading and editing services, 24by7 Publishing is the world's one of the best organization.

Academic Editing Service

24by7 Publishing has experienced in publishing books for famous colleges and Universities and supports academic publishing very well. We keep providing academic Editing Services to many Ph.D. students, Professors and pupils from various schools, colleges and research institutes.

Based on the request, we keep academic editing services confidential for authors. You can see a non-editing publishing project we served for the Department of Physics of Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology (SMIT) here.

Freelance Book Editors in India

24by7 Publishing provides more professional quality services than the ones offered by most of the freelancing editors available online.

Content is the undisputed King.

Wish a long life for your content.

- 24by7 Publishing

Editing Services for Novels & Novellas

24by7 Publishing is famous for editing Novels & Novellas in various languages. Our editing services for Novels and Novellas are appreciated by authors and reader groups of various ages.


Copy-editing, proofreading, partial rewriting and content upgrade.

Hindi Editing, Proofreading and Writing Services

Hindi (हिन्दी) is the 5th most spoken language in the world comparing with English which holds #3. More than 0.3 billion people use Hindi as their native language. Hindi is generally written in the Devanagari script. It is one of the 22 scheduled languages of the Republic of India and generally considered as the official language for the Government of India. It is considered that Hindi is originated from Vedic Sanskrit.

24by7 Publishing provides extensive Hindi editing services for the authors and end-clients. Our Hindi Editors, not only take care of the corrections of the Hindi spellings and enhances the Hindi Grammars of the writing you will assign to use, they are well experienced and technically capable of beautifying the overall Hindi readability of your content. Based on the Hindi editing and Proofreading package you will be choosing, 24by7 Publishing will provide you tracked revisions of your writings in Word document so that you can clearly track and either accept or reject each change suggested by our Hindi editorial team. Most of our Hindi Editors are professional from Hindi Literature background.

Thesis Editing Services in India

Thesis editing services can be availed through any of our Editing packages. We can upgrade your thesis to an error-free and improved document.

Proofreading Rates in India

24by7 Publishing quotes very nominal charges while providing proofreading services to new or successful authors. Proofreading rates are as low as ₹ 49.99 for the basic coverage for the content. Scroll up for detailed pricing for proofreading rates and packages.

We have a large pool of in-house and in-network specialized language editors and proofreaders who have successfully delivered thousands of proofreading and manuscript editing services in various popular languages like English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil etc. for hundreds of articles, stories, novels, poems, blogs, books, and journals.

It is quite often expected to get started with the author's initiative to move towards a better and sharper version of his writings and generally ends up with a collaborative effort from our seasoned team of senior editors who constantly are working on providing their creative skills and experiences using our method driven ​self-improving framework. More or less, 24by7 Publishing emphasizes a lot on human expertise when it comes about delivering any creative work for our end clients.

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Substantive / Developmental /

Comprehensive editing




Editorial Services provided by 24by7 Publishing is a special kind of professional services provided to authors and related clients where the end goal is nurturing, correcting, organizing and uplifting the overall quality of the input content received, and delivering a more consistent, accurate, correct, complete and readable output content.

24by7 Publishing is always here to help you irrespective of your professional writing quotient. It does not matter whether you write like a professional or struggle to write with grammatical challenges, you are always welcome to get served by one of the best and experienced Editors in the industry
When a small punctuation mark or typo can make your 
year-long hard-work unimpressive & amateurish, why should you take any risk? Choose from the below copy-editing & proof-reading editorial services as per your need. We have made book editing and manuscript proofreading fast, effective and easy.

Best for

Budding authors.

Best for

Intermediate authors.

Best for

Professional authors.



Most Popular!

* 1 page = maximum of 325 words. Minimum order INR 4000.00 (India) or $ 200.00 (outside India). GST will be applied on top of the final amount. All the services are a collaborative effort between the author and the editing team and the final manuscript would be the result of a consensus between both parties. These are applicable to all the proof-reading and/or editing services.

** After the first round of service, if the author is unsatisfied, he/she can create a list of the errors and the page numbers on which they appear and e-mail us for the second round or service without any extra payment. This is applicable only for the premium proof-reading service.

At least Two rounds of editorial service covering:

• Tracked revisions for you to review all the changes that have been made

• Spelling and typo correction
• Grammar improvements
• Punctuation & word spacing corrections

• Capitalization and Casing rectification
• Consistency recheck
• Content/language beautification • Partial rewriting

• A short summary of the work that has been done and any major concerns

Single round of editorial service covering:

• Tracked revisions for you to review all the changes that have been made

• Spelling and typo correction
• Grammar improvements
• Punctuation & word spacing corrections

• Capitalization and Casing rectification
• Consistency recheck
• Content/language beautification • Partial rewriting

Single round of editorial service covering:

• Tracked revisions for you to review all the changes that have been made

• Spelling and typo correction
• Grammar improvements
• Punctuation & word spacing corrections

• Capitalization and Casing rectification

Every Sachin Tendulkar needs a Ramakant Achrekar,

Roger Federer needs a Stefan Edberg,

Michael Jordan needs a Dean Smith,

to fine-tune the talent.

Likewise, every successful professional writer needs an Editor to fine-tune his creations.

Copy-editing & ProofReading

Editorial Service

ASK for languages other than English, Bengali, Hindi, Tamil