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Be the CEO of your Book

Audiobook creation from manuscript or book.

Sample 1 : Professional Content (English|Female)

Sample 2 : Professional Content (English|Female)

Sample 3 : Dramatic Content (English|Female)

Sample 4 : Dramatic Content (English|Female)

Sample 5 : Dramatic Content (English|Male)

AUDIO Book CReation

Get your book read by the professional storyteller (only for English, Hindi & Bengali)

Turn your book into an audio-book. Get dramatic background notes designed for your content and connect with your audience's hearts directly via their ear. We help authors to convert their published books or hand-written manuscripts to high-quality digital file streams which can be published over YouTube, Vimeo & other platforms. Based on the package you choose, we will pay you 70% of what your audiobook product earns from the sales/rents across over 30+ channels & media libraries, including all of the major national and international distributors such as Audiobooks.com, Audible, iTunes, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Nook, Scribd, Downpour, Overdrive (libraries), Hoopla (libraries), Baker & Taylor (libraries), TuneIn, 3M (libraries),  AudiobookStore.com, and more. Please note, each of the distribution partners reserves the right to decide which titles they'll carry, and have different processes and time frames for making new content available for sale.

Real Voice Artists will create Audio Book for your content

Some other audiobook service providers use software to generate audio-books.

We record audiobooks in the real studio by the real humans.