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How to publish your book?
Self publish is the easiest option for the new-age authors to print their books. On demand printing is the latest way to get your book printed in very low budget by having just a virtual inventory. 24by7 Publishing provides online four-step self publishing guide to get published easily.

If you have a manuscript, we are ready to print your book! Publishing a book within budget was never so easy. Welcome to - the most professional & affordable book publishing platform in India, Australia, Canada, Bangladesh, United States and many other countries!

What is Self Publishing?
Self-publishing is a way of publishing when the author of any book or other media chooses to publish his work without the involvement of a so-called established third-party publisher. This eliminates the possibility of rejection & unwanted editing of the original work.
Self-publishing is becoming more popular day by day. is providing the opportunity to publish your own creative work directly from your Laptop, Tablet or even SmartPhone by clicking only few buttons.

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Key Features

International Standard

Paper quality, book layout, binding, illustration & cover designing - satisfactory international standard


Get 13 digit International Standard Book Number for free with any package

Most Affordable

Most affordable & straight-forward, no hidden cost - starting from INR 899 only!

Free Shipping

Free shipping for US, India, Bangladesh and some other countries for most of the publishing packages

Multiple Available Packages

Wide range of packages covering different budget & need

Artistic Freedom

Your book, your copyright, your freedom

Easy steps to follow

Simple and easy steps to get your book published

'e' factor by default

Along with Paperback or Hardcover, eBook/Kindle comes by default in case of most of the packages

unpublished writing stinks!
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Cost is No more an excuse!

The publishing package cost starts at INR 899.00 (India) or USD 29.00 (outside India).

To motivate new authors with very low budget, 24by7 Publishing has launched the exclusive "Plain water package" where, the investment from the author is much lesser than the average amount spent by a couple at a multiplex!

Cut-down a day at multiplex.

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