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Plain Water package

The basic and most affordable Black & White Publishing Package

At, we usually take example of different family drinks available in the market to explain the difference between our different packages.

Plain water is the most simple form of family drink, sold in the form of bottled water which is obviously the basic need to the potential family-drink customers. Cost of production is very low while producing a bottle of water. But, selling a new brand of simple & plain bottle of water can be hard! Same in case of the 'Plain Water' package at If you already are a famous or established brand to your potential customers, choosing the 'Plain Water' package will be a wise decision. We will even suggest you to customize this low cost package to get larger number of salable media (books, CDs or any other form of creative publications). Though this will certainly depend on your brand value, social status, primary or long-term need and the content of your creative work. For example, a professor can be a star in the University he teaches. So, publishing around hundred copies of printed books may help him at the beginning. He can obviously consider re-prints or even consecutive editions in case of success. But, the publishing number can be five-hundreds in case of a star blogger having more than ten-thousand followers. So, think carefully before choosing your publishing package.

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